Swim With Whales

When you are ready to take your whale obsession to the next level, try a whale swim with our friends at Majestic Whale Encounters. Majestic are a local company and several of our guests have done a whale swim with them and talk very highly of their experiences.

They can take you on a journey to swim with whales in beautiful locations like Tonga, Tahiti and Norway. All whale swim tours are fully packaged and inclusive with small group sizes between 6 and 12 guests. They provide a high level of knowledge, experience and customer service. Majestic Whale Encounters are an eco-conscious company. For that once in a lifetime wildlife experience;

Contact:Majestic Whale Encounters Phone 0405594253 / email Carmen@majesticwhaleencounters.com.au

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Restaurant Visits (Book in advance to secure your date)

Arrive in style to your favourite riverside restaurant.

We offer exclusive charters to venues such as:

  • The Boathouse Patonga Hotel
  • The Newport Arms
  • Cottage Point Inn
  • Mooney Mooney Workers Club
  • Peats Bite Hawkesbury River

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