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Did you know that you can now enjoy a seal tour on the central coast?

Long-nosed fur seals were hunted to near extinction for the fur trade in the 1800s. The species is now protected and starting to recover in the Central Coast marine environment.

Seals frequent the rocky coastline of Broken Bay and are starting to re-establish a colony with up to 30 seals during peak season. Our Summer Fun boat tours visit the seal colony and you can watch their natural behaviors such as fishing and diving in the wild.

We regularly encounter seals on our Whale Watching Tours on the Central Coast. They are often sighted fishing or warming themselves in the sun.


Long Nosed Fur Seal

Central Coast Dolphin Project was set created in early 2016 to help protect our local marine mammals (dolphins, whales and seals).

Central Coast Dolphin Project is an all-volunteer group, which is involved in the research and protection of marine mammals that live off or visit the NSW Central Coast marine environment. If you are interested in marine conservation contact our friends at the Central Coast Dolphin Project.

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Our boat tours in Broken Bay visit the seal colony. Book a Broken Bay Blast or a Bay and Beach Tour and view Long Nosed Fur Seals in their natural environement.

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