Seal & Dolphin Adventure

Seal & Dolphin Adventure. Operates November to April *Summer Only*

Visit a Seal Colony, watch for Dolphins and the elusive Little Penguins.

*Available November to May only*

A 90 minute tour through scenic Broken Bay on a high speed adventure boat. Visit a Seal Colony and a Penguin Colony. Watch for Dolphins and Whales in season. Learn about the areas rich history and marine life from our trained crew.

We run our Seal, Penguin and Dolphin Watching Tours from the delightful seaside village of Hardys Bay on the New South Wales Central Coast.

Things to do Central Coast.

A visit to the Central Coast would not be complete without a dolphin watching tour. There are two main species of dolphin found in Central Coast marine environments, the Common Dolphin and the Bottlenose Dolphin. The Common Dolphin is a playful oceanic species which we encounter in huge pods offshore. The Bottlenose Dolphin is found generally in smaller pods near the coastline and in bays and estuaries. We are viewing these beautiful mammals in their natural habitats so we cannot guarantee sightings, however when we do experience them up close it is a memory that will last a lifetime.

Central Coast Dolphin Project

A volunteer group, which is involved in the research and protection of marine mammals that live off or visit the NSW Central Coast marine environment. If you are interested in marine conservation contact our friends at the Central Coast Dolphin Project. Home (


Little Penguins on the Central Coast

Broken Bay has a colony of approximately 300 Little Penguins (Fairy Penguins). It is one of the most thriving penguin colonies in NSW. They are the smallest penguin on earth and the penguins that occur the furthest away from the Antarctic. They are excellent swimmers  and we encounter them forging for fish up to 15 miles from their main colony. We visit the Little Penguin colony on our Seal and Dolphin Adventure. Whilst they are timid during the day to avoid predators we do occasionally see them chasing fish.

Our friends at Australian Seabird & Turtle Rescue Central Coast regularly rehabilitate injured penguins. They accept donations to support Little Penguin rescue. Donations - Australian Seabird & Turtle Rescue (

Seal Watching Tours

Seals frequent the rocky coastline of Broken Bay and are starting to re-establish a colony with up to 30 seals during peak season. We  visit the seal colony on all of our Broken Bay Tours and they are the highlight of our Seal & Dolphin Adventure. The seals are often very active and very cute. You get to  watch their natural behaviors such as fishing and diving in the wild. Last year we sighted we sighted our first seal pups at the colony, possibly the first at this location in over 40 years!

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Gallery Seal & Dolphin Adventure


Dolphins surfing the bow of a boat
Two dolphins
Little pengiun being released
Boat Tours Central Coast
Kids enjoying a whale watching tour
long nosed fur seal
seal watching central coast
Dolphin watching Terrigal

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